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       The expressway from Chengdu to Leshan has been put into operation in Dec.1999, with the total length 130km and about 80min driving on expressway. Travelers can catch bus easily at Xinnanmen bus station (chengdu tour bus center) and Shiyang Bus Station.

    Xinnanmen bus station is a better choice because buses here stop at Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station, which is the tourist Bus Station of Leshan. And bus no.1 there directly takes you to the Giant Buddha. And so many taxis there waiting for you and reasonably charging.

    Another famous scenic spot worth going is Mt.Emei, only 20km from Leshan with a 40min driving. Buses run between these two places every 10min. Mt.Emei is also one of the world cultural and natural heritage, a holy buddhist land.

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