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 The expressway from Chengdu to Mt.emei has been put into operation in dec.1999, with the total length 169km and about two hours driving. Travelers can catch bus easily at Xinnanmen bus station (Chengdu tour bus center)from 7:10 to 18:10 everyday. Buses leave every 20 minutes.
  As travelers arrived Mt.emei, there are three routes to enjoy the mountain. The first choice is taking a hiking route, which takes three days. The other two choices is making use of local sightseeing bus and cable car. More details are given in Guide of Mt.emei. What we have to remind you is, there are time limits of tour buses and cable cars.
  It is a good choice to go to Mt.emei after your visit of the giant Buddha with only 40min driving. And it‘s easy to catch bus both in Chengdu and Leshan.