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Lhasa Gongar Airport
Now people get to Lhasa and get away from Lhasa is by air,train or by bus.  It is convenient for tourists to get to Tibet by air. Lhasa Gonggar Airport is 97 kilometers away from Lhasa City. It takes about 2 hours to get to downtown Lhasa by bus and the fare is 20 Yuan. The bus from Shigates or Tsetang to Lhasa also stops at the airport. At the Gonggar Airport, there are flights from and to Chengdu, Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Xi’an, Xining, Guangzhou, Chamdo, Kunming and Katmandu.
For information of flights at Gonggar Airport, please call 0891-6246465.
The location of air-tickets booking office: No.1 Nangre Road; Tel:0891-6833446; 0891-6822393 (at night)
Lhasa Long Distance Bus Station
Lhasa Long-distance Bus Station is located at the junction of Minzu Road and Jinzhuzhong Road. The following schedules show the distance between Lhasa and other cities including the fares.
Bus Schedule (through Sichuan-Tibet Highway)
Lhasa  to Gongbujiangda 279km  70 Yuan  
Lhasa  to Bayi Town  464km  80 Yuan  
Lhasa  to Tongmai 550km 
Lhasa  to Zamu 639km 
Lhasa  to Bangda 950km 
Lhasa  to Rawok 766km 
Lhasa  to Jiangda 1349km 
Lhasa  to Chamdo 1062km  280 Yuan Once for every 5 days
Lhasa  to Chengdu  2415km    No regular bus service
Bus Schedule (through Qinghai-Tibet Highway)
Lhasa to Nakqu  326km 63 Yuan (bus) 100 Yuan (Santana Car)
Lhasa to Damxung162km  44 Yuan
Lhasa to Amdo 464km 102 Yuan
Lhasa to Yanshiping 653km 152 Yuan
Lhasa to Tuotuohe 745km
Lhasa to Golmud 1165km 210 Yuan (Sleeper bus);180 Yuan (bus); 210 Yuan(mini-bus)
Lhasa to Xining 1947km  340 Yuan (sleeper bus)
Lhasa to Lanzhou 2216km 380 Yuan (sleeper bus)
Lhasa to Yinchuan 2321km 392 Yuan
Lhasa to Chengdu 3287km 500 Yuan(sleeper bus)
Lhasa to Chengdu 3287km 616 Yuan (deluxe sleeper bus)
Lhasa to Nanchong 3660km 550 Yuan (sleeper bus)
Lhasa to Chongqing 3680km 560 Yuan (sleeper bus)
Note: Golden Dragon sleeper buses or Daewoo sleeper buses are used for some of the above routes.
Bus Schedule (through the China-Nepal Friendship Highway)
Lhasa to Qushui 68km 10 Yuan
Lhasa to Nimu 83km 18 Yuan
Lhasa to Renbu 126km  25 Yuan
Lhasa to Shigates 280km 38 Yuan (mini-bus); 80 Yuan (Santana car); 60 Yuan (Golden Cup bus); 80 Yuan (Toyota jeep)
Lhasa to Lhatse 437km No regular bus service
Lhasa to Tingri 572km No regular bus service
Lhasa to Neyalamu 724km  No regular bus service
Lhasa to Zhangmu 754km  No regular bus service
Lhasa to Gyantse 264km  No regular bus service
Lhasa to Yatung 73km  100 Yuan

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