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Leshan Giant Buddha 1-days tour
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    Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha statue in the world and it has long been enlisted as the world Culture Relics Heritage by UNESCO. About 120 kilometers’ express way from Chengdu, almost 2 hours driving, you can reach this mysterious place. People can enjoy the giant from its front by cruise, and people can also walk down from his head to his foot. His foot provides the space for 20 people standing! And the latest discovery shows us another magic wonder: the whole mountain is just like a Buddha sleeping on the Minjiang river, and the statue of giant Buddha is just sitting in the heart!
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Chengdu -Leshan-Chengdu
In the morning your guide will pick-up you at hotel and then set off to Leshan city via the Chengle high way. In this two hours’ driving you will enjoy the flat Chengdu plain. And you can also see the hill of tea along the highway. Arrive in Leshan city, we will enjoy the sleeping Buddha from the other side of the Mingjiang River at first. We will have a Chinese lunch at local restaurant, Leshan is famous for its bean curd, and then we will head for the Giant Buhha. We will visit Linyun temple firstly, which is to commemerate monk Haitong, who collected donation 1000 years ago underthrough extremely difficulties and started the construction of this huge works. And then we will walk down the zig-zaging trail along the trail in the left side of Buddha. The Buddha is a small mountain, from it is head to shoulder, and from leg to foot, about 30 minutes hiking. And then we need to hike up from its right side again. It is also a good place to view Leshan city cross the joint of Minjiang River, Dadu River and Qingyi River. And then we will walk about 30 minutes to Wuyou temple, where we will the statue of 500 Arhats. In the late afternoon we will drive back to Chengdu via the high way. It is 2 hours driving again, just enough for you to have a short time’s nap in your car. Yes, it is a bit tired after the hiking in Buddha. Arrive in Chengdu in the late afternoon and then drop off you at your hotel.
Service Include
Tour bus.
* Entrance fee
Leshan Giant Buddha frist Entrance fee .
* Tour guide
English speaking tour guide.
*Travel Insurance:
Travel agency’s obligation insurance, Tourism personal accident insurance
Service Exclude
,The boat ticket,Chengdu hotel.
*Tips for the tour guide and driver. Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.