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author: admin   adddate:2008-10-31
    According to Sichuan Tourism Administration, the repair work on Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Labahe at Tainquan, Donglashan at Baoxin and Qizhi Tibetan Village have been complete.The water,electricity and your material supply are available.The tour facilities can meet tour reception need.Over 20 hotels can provide 9000 beds. The airport holds 60 flights or 120 sorties each day if weather permits. Considering the highways to Jiuzhaigou area are still inder construction, only flight tours are on operation for the sake of safety.
   We has fixed departure join-in tour every day. It lasts three days, flying in from Chengdu and back to Chengdu. Besides, we do provide private package tour that has a flexible schedule.For instance, tourists can drive in from Lanzhou, Gansu Province or they may from in from Xi‘an.

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