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To travel in Tibet a foreigner needs to get China visa first, which he may apply in a China embassy or consulate himself or asks for help from Dreams Travel. Besides China visa, to enter into Lhasa, a TTB Permit, issued by Tibet Tourism Bureau, is a must. That is a foreigner’s pass in Lhasa area. If he wants to travel farther, the following three are necessary:

1. Alien’s Travel Permits from the Lhasa Security

2. Border Pass from Tibet Border Defence

3. Military Pass from Tibet Military

To get the permits, one must submit the following:

1.A day-by-day itinerary to be operated by Dreams Travel

2.Tour member list( name, sex, date of birth, nationality, occupation and passport number)

3.Scanned photo pages and China visa pages of the passports

4.Payment proof            

It usually takes 5 working days to get all those permits ready.  

Be aware that diplomats, journalists, and government officials should consult at Foreign Affairs Office of Tibet Administration instead for their tours in Tibet.

A tourists can get into Tibet from any other major cities in China by air, train or automobile.It is possible to drive in or fly in from Nepal, but according to an agreement between China and Nepal, those who are about to enter from Nepal should have China visa at China Embassy in Kathmandu instead.