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Airport Code: KWL

Location: Guilin Liangjiang International Airport is located in the Liangjiang Town of Guilin City, about 28 km (about 17.4 miles) southwest from the city center.

Brief Intro: Opened to the public in 1996, Guilin Liangjiang International Airport now has a 4D flight area, a 2,800 meter (about 3062 yard) runway, 150 thousand square meter (about 37 acre) parking apron, 20 gate positions, and a two-storied 50 thousand square meter (about 12.4 acre) terminal building. It has a flow volume of about 4 millions passengers per year and serves 48 domestic and international air routes from Guilin to more than 30 domestic cities, 8 international cities and regions.


Business Center: between the exits of domestic arrival and international arrival, the center offers the service of fax, print and internet.
Medical Center: on the west side of the departure hall on the second floor of the terminal building.
Police Station: on the right side of the security inspection passageway of the departure hall on the second floor of the terminal building.
Restaurants: passengers can find restaurants at the international departure hall and near the security inspection passageway of the domestic lounge, and also the cafes near the check-in counter of the domestic departure hall. The opening hours of these restaurants and cafes are from 07:00 to the last flight.
Luggage Carts: at the domestic and international departure hall and the luggage pick-up center, you can find free luggage carts. If you need luggage moving service, it will cost you about 2 Yuan per article.

Bank of China: usually opened from 08:30 to 20:30.
Lost and Found Tel: 0773 – 2845338
Luggage Inquiring
Tel: 0773 – 2845299
Airport Ticket Center Tel: 0773 – 2845297
Airport Transportation:
Taxi: the flat rate fare of taxis in Guilin is about 7 Yuan for the first 2 km (about 1.2 miles), then the distance surcharge is about 1.6 Yuan to 2 Yuan per km. After 23:00, the flat rate fare will increased to 7.8 Yuan and the distance surcharge is about 1.8 Yuan to 2.4 Yuan per km.

Airport Bus: after every flight arrival at the airport, there will be an airport bus waiting at the exit of the arrival hall leaving for the downtown area. Also passengers can take the bus at Civil Aviation Mansion from 06:30 to 20:00 from the downtown area to the airport. The buses will depart every 30 minutes and the cost is about 20 Yuan per person.