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Shangri-La‘s population is composed largely of Tibetans together with many ethnic minorities. This provides the opportunity to be immersed in beautiful scenery while tasting local food and drinks Tibetan Cake (sweet and crisp), Zanba, Pipa Meat, Saimi Lamb, Guoben Hot Pot, butter tea, yogurt, and Suolima (a kind of Tibetan Liquor brewed with the highland barley) are amongst the most popular. Zanba is the Tibetans‘ staple food, made from highland barley flour. Usually, the locals like to eat Zanba with buttered tea. Buttered tea is high in energy providing sustenance from the cold plateau climate. Pipa Meat, a non-greasy preserved form of pork is a delicious food usually kept for entertaining guests.
Where to eat
Besides going to the restaurants, you can spend some money going to the Tibetans‘ house to have meal. Hereunder is the information of some local restaurants.
Congben Tibetan Restaurant
A Tibetan style restaurant.
Location: near the Old Town Plaza, Shangri-La
Old Town Plateau Hot Pot
Here the environment is very cozy and the hot pot very tasty. Highly-recommended is the Yak Hot Pot.
Location: near the Old Town Plaza, Shangri-La
Tibet Cafe Inn
The Tibetan-style breakfast provided here is good.
Location: The Changzheng Road, Shangri-La
The chicken soup and honey cake provided there are highly recommended.
Location: in the Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area, Shangri-La
Teacher Zhang
The chicken soup, pickles and egg noodles are recommended.
Location: near the Tina‘s.
This location is popular with tourists are the manager has some ability to speak English.
Location: in the Tiger Leaping Gorge Scenic Area, Shangri-La