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    Chengdu is a historical city. Teahouse is a distinct characteristic of Chengdu. Enjoy the food as well as the culture, shopping and having a tea at leisure provide a deeper understanding of ancient Chengdu.  
    In Chengdu, teahouses also function as places for the exchange of current information. Most Chengdu teahouses cater to tea drinkers, young and old, who come to meet and have a chat about everything ranging from the bride’s dowry to a fierce political debate, Sichuan is an inland province in China and transportation is not as convenient as other coastal province. However, as you sit in teahouses and start a conversation with other customers, you will soon know everything under the sun.
The Chengdu people like to go to the teahouse; it is their special custom. The teahouses are all over the city and the suburbs. They have not only a very long history, but also some unique styles. Whichever tea house you go into, you can appreciate the strong flavor of Chengdu: the bamboo chairs, the square tables, the particular tea sets, the copper teapots and the special skill of filling water of the waiters. And all of these will give you some very deep impression.
On the table, there are three important things. They are the porcelain teacups, porcelain lids and the metal trays. The trays are like the boat, so they are called the tea boat, too. And also they have some advantages: the volume of the teacups is just right, the top is larger and the bottom is smaller.
When filling the water,  The lids are not very tight, so they can keep warm while let air in.You can stir the water to blend the taste of the tea. And it can also be used to keep the tea leaves out of your mouth if you drink tea without putting the lid away. The tray can hold the cup steadily, also fuction as heat proof.