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No.1 Drinking Gaiwan tea.
 Drinking Gaiwan tea (tea with a lid) is a custom in the majority of Han residential areas. Being well-received in some big and middle-sized cities, this custom enjoys the most popularity in Chengdu.
.No.2 Wandering through Jinli
 Taking three years to be built, Jinli is reputed as the “Riverside Scenes at the Pure Brightness Festival (famous painting by Zhang Zeduan to describe a boisterous city)” of Chengdu. Tough connected with the Marquis Wu’s Temple as a whole, Jinli is admission-free and has expanded the exterior implications of Three-Kingdom culture, with the spirit of Qin, Han dynasties and Three-Kingdom period as the soul, Ming and Qing dynasties style as the configuration and folk customs of western China as the main highlight. On this 350-m-long street, the essence of Chengdu living finds its best epitome: teahouses, taverns,restaurants, bars, snacks, handicrafts, specialties and a stage of Sichuan opera have fully shown the unique charm of folk customs in Sichuan
.No.3 Visiting the Relics
 Jinsha Relics, Sanxingdui Relics and Shuijinfang Relics are the top tourist destinations for an in-depth review about the local culture.
.No.4 Traveling by Tricycle
 Tricycle is a necessary vehicle in the city for easy access into crisscross lanes here on flat road surfaces.
.No.5 To the street of Bars
 The prospering entertainment industry in Chengdu has nurtured copious bars with refined characteristics. When they gathered together on one single street, they gave birth to a new culture of bars.
.No.6 Taking holidays in Nongjiale
 In recent years, a new kind of resort has come into being in surrounding areas of Chengdu. Many farmers have become self-employed and made their own yard into a mini-resort by cleverly combining the pastoral scenes and cheap accommodation. Such kind of rural resorts was soon nicknamed “Nongjiale”.
.No.7 Savoring Chuanchuanxiang
 It is an unprecedented idea to put strands of vegetables and meat into the hotpot. For a decade or so, the business has never stopping rumbling forward.
.No.8 Listening to Sichuan opera
 Through a multitude of aesthetic images on the stage of Sichuan opera, one can get a first-hand experience about the local culture.
.No.9 Observing Giant Pandas
 As the hometown of giant pandas, Chengdu is the first city in the world to domesticate It is also the only city having both the domesticated and wild pandas.
.No.10 Trying Local Snacks
 The street-vended local snacks will double the joy of any traveler alike. Being small but exquisite, Chengdu snacks are known for their great varieties, delicate workmanship, marvelous color, aroma and taste as well as distinctive patterns.